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voting rights

Migrants are not allowed to vote because they are not German citizens.
However, migrants can join parties and hold positions in a political party.  They may also establish partner and sub-organisations of parties.
The Foreigners' Advisory Council or Migrants' Council and migrant organisations are another means of participation.
Currently, there is no Migrants' Council in Gotha. Nevertheless, there is the possibility to join the local groups of the different parties and to become actively involved in them.
You can also get involved through migrant self-organisations.

The MigraNetz Thuringia is the network of migrant self-organisations in Thuringia.

The Federal Association of Immigrant Associations (BAGIV), for example, is a political actor representing the interests of immigrant organisations at federal level.

The following link gives an overview of the associations that are members of the BAGIV. Currently represented groups are Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Croats, Kurds, Portuguese, Serbs, Spaniards, Ukrainians and Vietnamese. The association is open to all nationalities and ethnic groups.

City Council

Every 5 years, the citizens of Gotha elect a city council, which represents the municipality and is in charge of the administration. The city council currently consists of 36 members from 8 parties and voter groups. The Lord Mayor of the city is Knut Kreuch (SPD). The last city council election took place on 2019 and brought the following result:

SPD 11 seats
DIE LINKE 5 seats
CDU 6 seats
FWG/Piraten 4 seats
Die Grünen 3 seats
FDP 1 seat
AfD 6 seats

­­The parliamentary groups in the city council are as follows.


county council

The district council is the representative body of the people and is in responsible for the interests of the district. He deals, for example, with questions of school sponsorship, local public transport, the provision of emergency services or youth welfare. The district council consists of 50 members. The current district administrator is Onno Eckardt (SPD). The district election in 2019 had the following result and allocation of seats:

CDU 13
SPD 13
Die Grünen 3
AfD 9


children- and youth council

There has been a Youth council in Gotha since 2005, which was founded in the youth club "Zelle". Here, children and young people can become politically active by transmitting suggestions, wishes and suggestions for improvement to local politicians. Under the motto "Children talk - adults listen", the children's summit brings together children and adults who are politically active and discuss various topics.  In the end, a future contract is agreed with the district administrator, which is intended to incorporate the suggestions of the children and young people and implement them in the future. A children's council prepares the children's summit and ensures that the demands are implemented.

The Youth council is also a platform for children and young people with a migration background who want to take an active part in politics and make a difference.
You want to participate, then get in touch!

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